Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tiny, growing faith

"It was so nice of Jesus to let Peter walk on the water."  That’s what Titus told me, when he was 2 years old.  Still makes me giggle, picturing his little blonde head and the little boy voice speaking the words.  True words, they are, though.  It was so nice of Jesus.  So nice of Him to let us do so many things, and learn, and grow, and live, and breathe, and keep on needing Him, and keep on running to Him.  So true, and Titus’s little heart was beginning to notice His goodness, and it was so kind of our Savior to earn us the standing of brothers and sisters, fellow heirs, heirs together of the grace of God, and all that He is and owns and offers, so that little toddlers can begin to grow up in Him, and learn of Him, and hear His gospel of grace through faith plus nothing else, because nothing else was good enough to erase my sin except His own lifeblood. 

True words, spoken by one who didn’t yet understand them, but does now, and yesterday, when I asked him what he wanted to thank God for, said, “Mom, I’m thankful that God saved those 5000 people when Peter preached that message . . .” Peter again.  Titus again.  Growth.  Truth.  The Gospel, at work, in my family, in my son, in me, as it was in Peter, as it was when he spoke truth to thousands, and thousands believed, because God blessed Peter’s words and blessed his faith and grew his tiny faith into a great big faith. Because the object of the faith didn’t change, and as he fixed his heart on that One, the faith came into clearer focus and grew strong and mature, unbudging, unrelenting, bold, and fearless, no matter the waves, no matter the crowds, no matter the persecution, even in the face of death, he didn’t cry out “I’m sinking!” because Jesus had taken that tiny measure of faith given, and grown it into something rock solid.  Upon this rock I will build my church, He said.  

It was so nice of Jesus to let Peter grow into his big strong grown-up faith, and to let us learn from his example, and to teach us obedience by His own unquestioning obedience to the Father.  

Tiny gifts.  Tiny, unbreakable, ever-growing gifts.  Like a tree, planted by the river of water, bringing forth fruit in its season.  In its season.  From walking on water, gasping out in fear, to preaching to multitudes, to his own execution.  He brought forth fruit in its season, and it started with a tiny faith gift.